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Generate your own
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and get paid up to 21p per kW/h

Why Solar PV is an ideal solution for business
and how it can reduce electricity bills by up to 50%

How About Generating your own electricity and getting paid
Energy Bills have risen massively over recent years. You don’t have to buy all of your electricity from a utility company. Let your business invest in proven technology.

For properties that have a large roof and consume electricity then Solar PV is a great alternative to other methods of generating electricity. There is 25 years of rebates available for property owners that are willing to be Green.

Get Paid For Your Renewable Energy

Many Business owners are failing to take advantage of a readily available programme that can reduce your electricity by up to 40%. The government have introduced a FIT – Feed In Tariff scheme designed to reward buildings that generate electricity using renewable energy. It applies to Industrial, Commercial, Public Sector and Community Buildings that install renewable PV systems up to 50kW in size. All are eligible to apply for the FIT, which will guarantee regular payments for 25 years based on the amount of renewable energy they generate. The scheme will pay in what you send back in the form of generation tariff at 21p per Kw/H and an export tariff of 3p for being green.


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A 5000 sq foot warehouse located in the midlands. Our first step is to carry out a desktop survey and identify the roof dimensions. This will give us a useable roof area. In this example the useable area was 132sqm. Using a Return of Investment Model we are able to calculate the savings and beneifits of having a Solar PV system installed. This would include such factors as energy savings, FIT payments and financial savings.

80 panels can be installed on this roof

  • Installation costs £52,955
  • FIT Payments for 25 years £119,4682
  • Energy Savings for 20 years = £263,058
  • For a £52,955 investment
    you will receive a total benefit of



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