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Saving you up to 80%
on your lighting costs

with sharper more intense illumination


A Lifespan of up to 15 years

of night-time illumination

Available in Bulbs or Strip Lights


Why Should you Switch?

If we said that our lights could save you up to 80% on the electricity you used to light your workspace, and that they would work for up to 10 years without you needing to change a single light whilst providing sharper more intense illumination, would you be interested?

  • Lights that come on in a 10th of a second.
  • Lights that produce a clear daylight colour.
  • Lights that give you RAPID RETURN on INVESTMENT


Our LED Lights will on average last for 50,000 hours - guaranteed 30,000 hours, that's 6 years if they're on all day, every day, 24/7. Or 12 - 15 years if only used at night.

Carbon Reduction

By reducing the electricty used, you will automatically reduce your carbon output putting a huge green tick against your green credentials. All whilst saving massive amounts on your yearly energy bills!

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Our LED Tubes are direct replacements for T5, T8, T10 or T12 fluorescent tubes, meaning you can instantly start saving money by simply switching the bulbs over! We can supply these LED Tubes in any number, effectively at great prices to the end users and OEM's, as well as through national distributors and wholesale.

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