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Green Power Energy bring you the latest eco technologies, products and advice. Whether you are building your own home or wanting to install renewable energy products, Green Power has the expertise to help you.

The cost-effective nature of many renewable technologies allow even the smallest of companies to "go green" whilst at the same time significantly reducing their annual expenditure on heating and energy bills.

At Green Power Energy we understand that not everyone has the need or infact the option of choosing one specific renewable technology. No two businesses or indeed locations are the same, and it stands to reason that a companies requirements for varied technologies will change from site to site.

We have invested significant amounts of time and energy into sourcing both cost-effective and energy efficient renewable technologies that allow businesses, no matter where they are located to take advantage of natural resources allowing themselves to reduce expenditure on energy, lighting and heating whilst allowing them to fulfill their environmental obligations and ISO 14001 committments.


Your Guide to Choosing the Best Technology to Suit You?
FASTEST RETURN on investment is...
Guaranteed Instant Savings of between
30% and 40%
, with typical payback within 12 -18 months
Saving you up to 80% on your current lighting costs.
Solar energy actually provides a monetary income whilst generating your own free energy making the ultimate investment.

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